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Warcry warbands (Unmade, Untamed Beasts, Iron Golems)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:00 am
by WhiteWeaselStudio
Hi, everyone!

These week our studio has been drawn to Eightparts in search of dark power and eternal glory! Of course we are talking about Warcry!

Our last commission is these Chaos warbands (Iron Golem, Untamed Beasts and Unmade) that have kept our brushes pretty busy. Our customer is a real collector of the Warcry warbands so he has dediced start painting his collection with us. He uses the miniatures to game but also wanted them to a display level because there is a showcase at home that must be filled! Having this in mind we opted for our Colonel level (4/5) to get a very nice transitions especially on the skins and armours that must be completed with some battle damage and rust effects.

The Games Worshop scheme of colours were pretty fine for him except for the Unmade. Our customer gave us some liberty to do something different and here is our proposal which he really loved. We kept the grim appearance of these cannibal killers obsessed with pain and bodily mutilation but changing the purple rags for a deep ochre yellow and using different brown layers for the leathers instead of black.

Unfortunately our customer did not hire the bases for he really like doing these at home. Pitty because otherwise the final look would have been more spectacular. What do you think guys? Do you use any of these warbands too? All comments are always welcome.


Full gallery here: ... ed-umnade/

Re: Warcry warbands (Unmade, Untamed Beasts, Iron Golems)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:41 pm
by conscriptboris
More good work! do you commission for GW??