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Vehicles and shooting

Hi everyone,

Another rules question.

How many weapons can a vehicle shoot with in the shooting phase?

If I have a Predator with side sponsons. Can I shoot all weapons, or do I have...

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Dark Angels and Plasma weapons

Hi All,

So I was playing a game at my local Warhammer. The manager advised that my DA had a special rule meaning they didn’t suffer the mortal wound penalty for rolling one’s when firing over...

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I'm back ... sort of

The 40k itch is starting again. Just pulled the trigger on Blackstone Fortress, organised a regular having night once a month at my house and have so far played Arkham Horror twice but wanted to try something...

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Mortis pattern Dreadnought.

Are Mortis Dreadnoughts still a legal unit in 9th edition?

I’ve been trying to look up this pattern but it seems it’s no longer an option in the 9th edition SM codex. As a DA player. I previously...
B28FF858-EDA4-441F-9036-5952F93BD3E2.jpeg (25.62 KiB) Viewed 1970 times

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Warhammer Imperium- Let’s see those minis

I thought I’d start a new thread for those of us collecting Imperium to show off our completed minis from the collection.
I’ll go first.

The Captain from Issue 5.
WH Imperium Primaris Captain

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Jubilee Week Opening Times

There will be a slight change to my normal opening hours for this coming week only.

Sunday 29th May       CLOSED

Monday 30th May       9am till 5pm

Tuesday 31st May       9am till 5pm

Wednesday 1st June   9am till 5pm (Normally closed)

Thursday 2nd June     CLOSED - BANK HOLIDAY

Friday 3rd June          CLOSED - BANK HOLIDAY

Saturday 4th June      9am till 5pm 

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