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Warhammer + subscription

I already subscribe to the Warhammer app and thought I may as well upgrade to the new plus subscription.

However. It’s not loading. Every time I click on the upgrade link button it goes through...

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Hexfire Tzaangors for sale.

I’m selling the Tzaangor portion of the Hexfire box set on eBay.
Ten Tzaangors, two upgrade sprues and the Shaman for £36.00 plus £4.20 postage, Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For. U.K. postage only.

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Piety & Pain Drukhari Now Sold

Hi all.

I’m selling the Drukhari portion of the Piety & Pain boxset.
So that’s,

No instructions. But if you need them I can photograph...

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Warhammer Imperium. Who’s going to collect it?

So I see there’s going to be a new weekly part works from Hatchette and GW.

80 parts. Loads of Necrons on the zeros side. Primaries, Ad Mech and Sisters for the Imperium of Man. Plus the usual...

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Custom Astra Militarum Army

Always loyal to the Emperor, the Astra Militarum is always willing to deliver the best result ... or die trying!! We hope you guys are well and you keep fighting Nurgle nowadays!

The commission...

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