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Mortis pattern Dreadnought.

Are Mortis Dreadnoughts still a legal unit in 9th edition?

I’ve been trying to look up this pattern but it seems it’s no longer an option in the 9th edition SM codex. As a DA player. I previously...
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Warhammer Imperium- Let’s see those minis

I thought I’d start a new thread for those of us collecting Imperium to show off our completed minis from the collection.
I’ll go first.

The Captain from Issue 5.
WH Imperium Primaris Captain

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Eowyn figures

Have just painted up these three Eowyn minis. I’m intending to use them to represent my character in a DnD game that I’m going to be participating in soon.

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Warhammer + subscription

I already subscribe to the Warhammer app and thought I may as well upgrade to the new plus subscription.

However. It’s not loading. Every time I click on the upgrade link button it goes through...

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Hexfire Tzaangors for sale.

I’m selling the Tzaangor portion of the Hexfire box set on eBay.
Ten Tzaangors, two upgrade sprues and the Shaman for £36.00 plus £4.20 postage, Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For. U.K. postage only.

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New Opening Times from Wednesday 12th January 2022

Gaming Figures will be closed every Wednesday from Wednesday 12th January.

However, I will be open Sundays, 12pm till 5pm.

Sunday opening starts from Sunday 16th January.

And due to a family funeral the shop will be closed all day on Tuesday 11th January. 

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