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Master Replicas Force FX Luke Skywalker ANH lightsaber blade

Master Replicas Force FX Luke Skywalker ANH lightsaber blade

Postby Spack » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:28 pm

I picked up a reasonably cheap MR FFX Luke Skywalker 2007 lightsaber this week, but wanted to display it without the blade. Just like the two Vader MR hilts I've modified this involves dismantling it to remove a locking pin that goes through the blade and the internal parts.


First part to remove was the red "eye" on the top - use a tiny screwdriver to gently pry up the red plastic centre piece snd remove the screw underneath. Then rotate the "beer tab" and lift out the remaining piece.



Similarly on the underside pry out the "glass eye", remove the centre screw, and pry out the surround. Also remove the flat screw next to it.


Now the clamp can be taken apart, removing the outer screw to allow the outer silver pieces and bubble switch to come off, then unscrew the bolts and nuts on either side of the plastic switch mount, then remove the internal screw's to lift the plastic part off the hilt.


The final parts to remove are the brass pins, these are hard to remove and i ended up having to prise then up a little and then pull out with needle nosed pliers. Also disconnect the switch from the wires - this will be soldered back on later.

The inner core can then be pulled out. The black section is held on with pins, i gently lifted the tabs up on each side to detach then and gain access to the connector inside which just pulls apart. The final step is to knock through the single retaining pin which goes though the chrome part of the core and through the blade.


Now it can all be put back together, just reverse the steps above. The switch needs to be soldered back on after the core has been inserted inside the tube. With the blade removed the sound will still work.

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