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Flames of war British for sale.

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Flames of war British for sale.

Postby cgra1 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:58 pm

Hello All.

Im putting my FOW British on ebay so I can fund my FOW Americans and other stuff.
Before I do though I thought id list what I have here to see if you guys would like first choice.

I have the following for sale. I haven't had a chance to take pictures of it all but can do do if you're
Those marked with (p) are painted. Every thing else is undercoated or almost finished. (Inked)

Shermans x4 (p)
Shermans x7
Firefly's x3 (p)
Firefly's x2
Stuarts x3 (p)
Stuarts x1 still in blister
Sherman recovery vehicle(p)
Churchill mk vii x2(p)
Churchill mk vii x4
Churchill AVRE x4
Churchill recovery vehicle(p)
Cromwell CS x6
A30 Challenger x3 (p)
Cromwell recovery vehicle (p)
Cromwells x8 (p)
Cromwells x3
Ram Kangaroo x 6 not painted
M10 17pdrs x4 (p)
HMG Carriers x4
Wasps x3 (p)
Lloyd Carriers x4
Daimlers x2(p)
Humbers x3 (p)
Lrv x3 (p)
Sexton x4
M5 halftracks x7
Trucks x4
Daimler dingoes x3
Jeeps x2
AA tractors x3
7th armoured rifle team full
Land matressx2 (p)
Vickers hmg teamx4 full(p)
Hvy mortar x4(p) full
6 light mortars Indian
6 light mortars obs, piats and cmd(p)
4 bren carriers
2 QQF AA guns
3x rifle companies (p)
3x sniper teams (p)
Hq and 2nd command (p)
4xpioneer teans 1x flamethrower (p)
2xCrusader aa tanks

pm me for details and a price.

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