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Figured i'd bring over my bat rep saga,which may finish soon

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Figured i'd bring over my bat rep saga,which may finish soon

Postby killmaimburn » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:05 pm

Army lists
His ultramarines
Reclusiarch, bolt pistol jump pack (crozius)
10 terminators, (2 assault cannons)
10 ranged scouts, (9 snipers 1 heavy bolter)
10 close combat scouts
10 devastator marines, with 4 missile launchers
10 man assault squad, with 2 plasma pistols, sergeant with honours and plasma pistol
Predator destructor with autocannon turret, lascannon sponsons
5 man combat squad
I make that 1541 (although he said he was 15 under)

Angrons Fury (me)

Demon prince, Stature glaive, FNP, collar, Resilience
2x 5 flesh hounds (mutt and pupp)
Defiler with indirect fire
Predator lascannon turret heavy bolter sponsons, extra armour mutated hull
Alpha= 7+1 all frag chainaxe, Champ has TOBB and a chainaxe (demon host)
Beta = 7+1 all frag chainaxe, Champ has TOBB powerfist and mutation
Catharsis= 7+1 all frag chainaxe all furious charge, Champ has TOBB powerfist
(Not my normal list, basically I normally take bikes over hounds, blood letters over the blood thirster and another beserker squad instead of the predator, but I felt like a change.)
the pretentious prose covers the fact I didn’t memorise who scored a 3 then a 4 just the general jist of play.

The Chaplin, inspected his reflection, their break had been too long, he knew. For an astrates he was developing a paunch, not so much as the hated and bloated deathguard but still a paunch. He satisfied himself by reciting to himself that pride was a sin that led to Slannesh, and banished negative thoughts. Today was a day for battle.

It all passed so smoothly so routinely that they were in the dropship without him really paying attention, flickering images of the mission briefing flashed before his eyes through the ships com system.
The emperor had won the initiative, it was a recon mission, he would be allowed to infiltrate his scout squads, he had even chosen where the battle was to take place and from what side.
He was still troubled, somewhere he heard a buzzing, slowly growing in volume, it became clearer, like an oil slick across his consciousness, he felt the lure of chaos. Whispering voices in his ears, telling him what he faced, telling him to give up hope,telling him to show his true self-the weak astrates failure. But he held the honour of his chapter in his hand, he recited the litany of hate, if for nothing else other than the men under him, would they be so fearless in battle without him? He must show none of this to his men. But it did also give him a clue, a clue as to what awaited him, this would be no simple traitor legion, this would be the WorldEaters and to have such taint and corruption about them, there must be a strong demon presence. (I showed him my army list before hand )
From there, there was nothing but problems, his lax attitude to the upcoming battle had been reflected by those under his command, so little wargear had been brought. To make up numbers he quickly requisitioned the pilot astrates and made them into a small combat unit of their own.
Khorne deployed in a typical fashion spread about as close to the imperials as possible. With the giant spiderlike defiler and predator providing support for his left flank accompanied by a veteran squad of berserkers already frothing(Squad Catharsis), the enemies right flank had 2 squads of Berserkers (alpha and beta), one of whom the Chaplin openly mocked for not having any equipment other than a chain axe and a necklace.
And in the dead centre a fearsome beast, he had seen images of Dharleth, but this was more dragon than human, with giant wings, great sharp teeth. He hoped he would not have to go toe-to-toe with the monster that so dwarfed him.
He set up countering his enemies moves, a devastater squad on a raised hill sat beside his predator facing the enemies tanks. The close combat scouts started sneaking forwards (they had not decided yet where best to go) The ranged scouts took advantage of the terrain and sat in a heavily fortified birds nest at the other end of the battlefield. The ponderous giant engines that were the full terminator squad sat wrapped around the tank close to the front ready to cleanse the impure. And lastly the assault squad sat beside the sniper scouts ready to counter any threat with the Chaplin stroking his crozius keenly. Finally the battle was ready, the scouts had made it to halfway across the field. In what hoped to be a classic distraction technique against the likes of khorne.

Battle began, the emperor provided more luck and so the imperium had the edge, within seconds of the battle starting, the devastator squad left the defiler a hulking slagged ruin on the field of battle. So much for the fearsome reputation of its cannon. The predator constricted by its weapons array rotated on the spot and shot its weapons at the demon prince (to which they pinged off each one sounding like a sigh of regret) The sniper squad made heavy casualties of squad beta. The assault squad had moved very close to the 2 berserker squads (alpha and beta), but the Chaplin heard the taunting voices again in his head (“do you know what 2 berserker squads will do to you on the charge”) in answer to this he reconsidered his move and backed away a few inches.
The terminators showed their wisdom and age (the Chaplin heard the assault cannons warming up even from his far off position), having moved to a good placement, they let rip with the guns that had good range, the emperors luck held true, Of the frothing gilt armoured squad Catharsis, only 4 remained, and because of the trees obscuring the remaining troops the champion had fallen to the hail of fire!

A much reduced Khorne army began its advance, the khorne predator aimed for the opposition’s predator, but the lascannon glanced off the imperial predator. The prince raged forwards ending up sat astride the giant monument of ages past. What was left of the squad Catharsis, who had lost their talisman, made up for their losses by still managing to rage to honour their dead. Unfortunately their frenzied pace led them into open grounds, just short of the diversionary scouts. All raging forwards, the 2 squads (alpha and beta) on the right flank moved forwards, but because of the chaplin’s premonition, they did not make combat, indeed squad alpha ended up mired in a giant sand trap.

The squads of the imperium were happy, the enemy had done nothing to them. The Close Combat scouts moved back, to avoid the remaining shiny veteran Berserkers of squad Catharsis, the terminators, consolidated their position, the predator fired, and succeeded in destroying khorne’s last tank, (the demon prince felt the sting of again having armoured vehicles that so underperformed) The combat squad (only taken at the last minute from the ship) moved up and rapid fired the demon prince, making his chest look like the meatfeast pizza they had all read about from the antique texts, proving even the most lowly Astrates, with a boltgun,is still a god amongst men, even feel no pain could not protect him from the ravages of such dakka, he only had a remaining wound. The scout snipers fired into squad Beta but their shots bounced off the corrupted power armour. The devastators seeing the demon prince hesitate as he struggled to keep his internal organs in, fired, but to no avail, bleeding and battered as he was the glaives shining aura protected him.
The Chaplin looked across the field, and knew now was his time. He led his assault marines towards Squad Beta, squad Alpha being apparently neutralized by the sand traps, his charge was good and his frag grenades worked well, blow for blow, pain for pain, both sides took large losses.

The chaotic forces needed inspiration, they needed violence, they needed 400 points to come on to the battlefield. The assigned champion began his prayer trying to convince Khorne to possess his body and take his soul. But Khorne looked on, he saw the fat friar and laughed, they were not worthy of the Bloodthirster, he refused to take corporeal existence until more blood flowed. Instead he sent one of his small hound packs.(pupp)
These came to the icon of squad Catharsis, tattered torn and raging, they held the icon high, and the summoning was accurate and true. 5 snarling hell hounds appeared. And without waiting for command instinctively ran to eat the young close combat scouts taunting the dying berserkers.
Again rage took all the units, even the one lamenting the loss of its talisman of rage. And though khorne had not expected it, squad Catharsis made it to the terminators (the closest unit) they were furious and their blows should have wrang out the death of those who suffered under them, but the invincible terminator armour turned away the whirling teeth. Khornes Catharsis squad left the battle with a roar of hatred, knowing that even though they had not killed this day,their skulls would adorn the skull throne.
Squad Alpha had joined the fray of large assault at the right flank, supporting the reduced existing squad.

During a pause in battle the god khorne and the spirit of the emperor surveyed the field. The emperor was pleased, he had only lost a few assault marines whilst his enemy only had 1 marine squad above half strength and some dogs. The demon prince was struggling to stand. Khorne laughed the blood was flowing and he was in paradise, he cared not who won as long as blood pumped onto the ground, and he knew the war had more blood yet to come.

The Chaplin had struggled so hard to maintain his sanity, his courage, for his men. But he was locked face to face with 4 crazed mad men of squad Alpha, with whirring chainaxes they swung agilely, he let out a prayer and flung out wildly, but his anxiety showed in his performance, all 4 still stood, and advanced with the deafening sound of chainweapons growing in his ears, he hoped the emperor would forgive his failure.

The demon prince in his tattered state had moved in toward the small combat squad, he had to remove these lowly warriors who had so mortally wounded him,how dare they even look upon his magnificence, it was over before it started, he raised the glaive, he dropped the glaive, they all died. He moved into the chapel to recover on his way to the terminators.
The hounds did well, killing 4 and only losing 2, but they looked weak now only 3 against 6.
Both alpha and beta were still locked with the remnants of the assault squad.

The emperor was disturbed. The terminators and tank had no viable targets and so moved into a defensive position, the close combat scouts and assault marines were locked, and the sniper scouts were faced with a wall of combat they couldn’t shoot through.
The devastators made an attempt on the demon prince, behind (6”) of ruin and chapel, but missed with all rockets.
The dogs tore as hard as they could but only drew combat taking one casualty, eye for an eye, for their newly fallen brother.
The assault squad were torn to shreds by the awesome power of so many berserkers with so much hacky death (it was around then the leader of squad alpha felt his chain axe tingle, this was not how possession was meant to work, he was meant to be filled with the strength of his god, why had khorne deserted him, maybe he had to further prove himself (I forgot to use the Bloodthristers strength profile)
Knee deep in blood they roared victory and moved towards the sniper scouts.

Khorne looked across the field, blood had turned it into a marsh, the terminators looked an adequate challenge so he decided it was time.

The champion of squad alpha tore his helmet off and began vomiting, his skin sloughed off like a candle left to close to a fire, his shoulder blades broke out of their natural housing and became small wings, his internal organs whistled with pressure as they grew, and with that he tore open and grew upon himself, with a howl the bloodthrister stepped forwards still growing, the ground shook in the wake of his birth.
He turned to the icon holder beside him, shook his mighty fist and the 2nd squad of flesh hounds appeared.
The remaining berserkers of squad alpha and beta moved towards the entrenched sniper scouts, but the terrain was difficult and they did not make the distance.
The bloodthirster and squad mutt moved with the haste of the hungry towards the terminators at the other end of the field.
The demon prince struggled out of the ruins and ran at the terminators, he engaged them, killing 2 and managed to stay locked in combat surviving the few fight backs those close enough to him could muster.

The emperors spirit was not happy, he could see that the devastators had no line of sight passed the demon prince’s combat to the real threats approaching down the table.
The ranged scouts shot at the approaching berserkers and made the madmen take 2 casualties as they struggled over the rocks and boulders taking them down to 4.
That was all they could do, the combat was a forgone conclusion, squad pup tore out the throats of the 2 scouts left and consolidated their move towards the devastators. The demon prince took 1 terminator and then died a powerfist pulling at his chest tearing out the already loose organs.

Khorne laughed, the prince had done well, he would have to bless another with such demonic gifts again. The bloodthirster landed beside the terminators ready to make them pay, but the dogs swerved passed them and went for the devastators. The berserkers moved on towards the entrenched scouts and made it, they managed to kill 4 of the young snipers, without losing any of their own. The imperial younglings scrabbled out of the charnel house falling over each other as they fell back to the edge of the field where a large cliff dropped, there they sat waiting for the inevitable.

Squad pupp and mutt converged on the devastators (using the whispering of their teacher khorne lord humongous) they each engaged only a few warriors from each side. 2 hounds attacked 3 astrates on the left, 5 hounds from mutt attacked 4 on the right. The devastators didn’t have time to draw their combat knives, having lost 7 of their brethren they fled, with the hounds chasing them they got on the drop ship and fled the battle field.

The bloodthrister was in his element and charged with an insatiable longing for blood into the 8 remaining terminators perfectly chopping through the 4 within arms reach, without breaking a sweat. He barely noticed that a whelp with a fist had caused his shoulder to bleed.

The remaining ultramarines did not know fear, but they now knew khorne and his unending wrath. The predator turned on the spot to fire at the advancing hounds of hell, but only caused one casualty due to their unholy aura.
The ranged scouts had regrouped on the edge of the cliff and fired at the exposed berserkers on the trench top, killing 1. But that still left 3 and 3 was too many, they all knew their fate was sealed.
The 4 remaining terminators had to wait whilst their powerfists warmed up, and that pause caused them to feel the burning gaze of the bloodthirster, they had not been the challenge he had hoped for, with a swing of his fists he killed them, hoping that in death they were more of a fitting tribute to war than they had been in life.

The hounds ran at the tank, it hadn’t moved so that it could fire all its weapons, that made it easier for the teeth to tear through. Skirting around it going for the rear armour and exposed points, both pup and mutt squads clawed and bit at the armour with their demonic strength they tore through cabling killing the crew and eating large parts of the wiring.
The berserker squad were enraged by the fleeing of the scouts, infused with their rage they easily caught up with them and dipped their chainaxes in the final blood of the day.
The howl from the planet made the imperium shudder they knew this was just the start.

VPs I had a blood thirster,1 full hound squad and a squad at half strength in his zone.

Epilogue, they got eaten by grey knights the next day, the tanks killed 1 storm trooper. The hounds didn’t turn up till turn 4.sniff
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Postby killmaimburn » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:06 pm


The great god Khorne sat upon his skull throne and roared. Days passed by when he was simply angry, today his face was ashen, he struggled for breath as he gave in to the absolute rage that now tasted so bitter.
It had all gone so well, his army had eaten the ultramarines, one from the lowest ranks had pleased him so much with wanton use of chainaxe on those pitiful scouts that he had been granted ascension straight to the rank of general and made giant through chaotic gifts.
But then the trouble began, the emperors cleaners (the hated grey knights) turned up and destroyed his force without even slowing down.
And his young general was the first...the first...to not wield the glaive choosing instead to use barbed meat bricks that used to be his hands... to not roar as his father god did. Instead he planned and strategized,He had unnatural speed, he did not suffer the rage. How could this be when he had been hand picked for his ferocity and love of carnage, his freshest kills were the latest mountings on the father-gods beloved throne and yet...
Troubled thou he was, nothing would stop his newly reinforced garrison from keeping the planet, no matter the threat from the despised ghost marines.

Then they appeared, robed and bejewelled.
He understood then, that his whole army had been on a massive diversion like puppets on strings for these...sorcerers.
Khorne instructed his new lord to eat, to kill, to burn, these wizards, but instead the monster paid them homage,BETRAYEL!For Tzeentch had effected the monsters growth, making him lucid, making him plan, and lessening his blood lust. HERESY!

His brother in chaos appeared behind him, as was his way, directing his rage to the grey knights. Convincing him to eat his rivals army and to put petty squabbles aside until the greater deed were done.
Khorne’s mind cleared. He ordered that if sorcery was about, that all should wear their collars and his subjects obeyed. At least If his men were to kill for Tzeentch, then the Tzeentch elites skulls would adorn his throne when the field cleared.
The observation module of the ship hummed and chattered, steam hissed through actuating pumps, the vis-screen blinked into life with the mumbled blessings of the weary tech adepts. The green globe threw a dim light over those assembled.
Grand Master Flash, a warrior who faced the evils of Chaos a thousand times, on a thousand worlds studied the shifting patterns of blue and red as squirmed over the holo-projection of Leaton VI. His battle scarred face betrayed no emotion as he looked on.
The world, he feared, was lost from the Emperor's light. The infernal powers had reaked havoc on the planet; its once lush forests, hacked and burned away; the vast mineral resources for which Leaton VI was famed, stripped; the verdant lakes of the south emptied, desolate of life. The planet appeared to fight for its own breath beneath a choking cloud of dust and soot and grime.
And yet, through this cloud, the tip of a vast spire could be seen. Its proportions strange to the eye, the angles of its projections unsettling, it seemed to project an aura of hatred and fear.
The Grand Master had seen this place, a vast temple to those warp powers the weak worshipped as Gods. It had been constructed by the enslaved inhabitants of this world, their wills crushed, their bodies broken, their souls lost. Those age-old foes of the Emperor, once his favoured children, now twisted parodies of their former selves, the Chaos Space Marines had come to this place and destroyed all that was good and holy.
The Grand Master had fought for this world once before and driven the taint of chaos from its surface. But Chaos is akin to the hydra, and any victory is a best a respite, at worst the beginning of the end

From Angrons Fury (khorne)
Lord “Zardoz”-MOK Stature,Speed,Resilence,Aura,Feel No Pain (FNP),Collar,Venom,Personal Icon,Homer
Zerker1 squad “Anger”- Chainaxe x7
Asp champ Pwr Fist,Mutation,Talisman of Burning Blood, FNP,Collar of Khorne and a Spawn
Zerker2 squad “Catharsis” - the same
Bikers “Raging Fury”- Chainaxesx4 Frags, Furious charge
Asp champ, Demonic strength, Power weapon,FNP. 1 chaos Hound
Flesh hounds x5 “Squad Pupp”
Flesh hounds x5 “Squad Mutt”

From the Sons of Prospero (Tzeentch)
2ndHq Sorcerer “Lieutenant Isker”- termie armour, pwr wep,demonic strength, Demonic mutation, Kai Gun.
1ksons Rubric Termies “Squad Abydos”-4 combi bolters +power weapons
Aspiring champion- Chainfist Mutation Wind of chaos(WOC).
1ksons Rubric marines “Akhmim"- 8 bolters
+asp champ, fist, Mutation, Talisman of Tzeentch,Thrall WOC,
RHINO “Khufu”- Smoke and armour
Predator “The Khafre pyramid”-Las,Heavy bolter sponsons, Mutated hull, extra armour.
Total 2001


HQ 1: 445pts
Grey Knight “Grand Master Flash”; Sacred Incense, Grimoire of true names, incinerator, master-crafted nemesis force weapon, hammerhand
Grey Knight Terminators x 5; stormbolter & nemesis force weapon x 4, incinerator and nemesis force weapon x 1
HQ2: 223pts
Inquisitor Lord; daemonhammer, stormshield, scourging “Frederick Ljundhammer”
Retinue: familiar, accolyte x 3, warrior x 3
Transport: Rhino, smoke, extra armour
Troop1: 178pts
Stormtrooper x 6; plasma gun x 2, hellgun x 4
Transport: Chimera, multi-laser, heavy bolter, smoke, extra armour
Troop2: 178pts
Stormtrooper x 6; plasma gun x 2, hellgun x 4
Transport: Chimera, multi-laser, heavy bolter, smoke, extra armour
Troop3: 225pts
Grey Knight Justicar
Grey knights x 5; psycannon x 2
Fast attack 1: 225pts
Grey Knight Justicar
Grey knights x 7
Fast attack 2: 170pts
Grey Knight Justicar
Grey knights x 4; incinerator x 2
Heavy support1: 278
Land raider crusader; blessed, smoke
Heavy support2: 80pts
Lance strike
Total: 2002pts
Battle rolled
Cleanse Omega, inc escalation- It’s a Grey Knight force so demon troops come back through a form of sustained assault

As with most historical moments, the first there did not anticipate how monumental their actions would turn out to be.
The 2 berserker squads moved through the spoiled terrain with ease, accompanied by a terminator, when they tried to focus on him, they saw him as a mighty Khorne lord, but in those more lucid moments when they relaxed they saw him wearing a Sigil unfamiliar to them. But they had a mission and did not want the distractions of doubt.
As they rose over the crest of the mighty pyramid they spotted their quarry, A squadron of grey knights sat on a hill a great distance away. Khorne infused them with hatred and they started their run straight over the pyramid. Whilst the Tzeentch sorcerer in his great armour, sat atop the pyramid and permitted himself a brief smile.

The Grey knights knew their orders as well (confirm the presence of the tainted and signal for the armada.) The grand master and his terminators deep-striked to join the squad on the hill, but the taint was so strong around the battle field that they scattered, perilously close to Squad Catharsis and their chainaxes. They regained there composure professionally and opened fire, chewing through a berserker who had stood in the open. A chimera ploughed into the terrain on the far right flank of the marines atop the hill watching the battle roll out.
With storm troopers piling out and trying to gain the advantage of cover to shoot squad Anger, but their eagerness for battle was sabotaged by treacherous ground, and they sat behind the wall, impotent. The grey knights on the hill and the chimera shot round after round into squad Anger, tearing great gobs of flesh out of them, losing nearly half the squad.

Khorne, ordered his minions to go and assist, to eradicate this irritation, his bikes sped on to the field, turbo boosting into the middle ground, by cover of the pyramid. Squad Pupp came on from the berserkers around the pyramid base, and moved quickly to the chimera and the stormtroopers, Squad mutt having summoned with some luck toward the grey knights on the hill, moved ominously forward.
Squad catharsis didn’t rage, moving forwards they used their pistols against the gleaming terminators, and succeeded in killing 1. Squad Pupp easily made ground to attack the stormtroopers and the chimera’s weak rear armour. They dispatched the squad easily with the appetite of the eternally hungry. But the tank stood firm.
Squad Mutt had critically misjudged their ethereal energy and fell short of reaching the grey knights by only the length of a claw.
A giant Tzeentch construct, a tank with so many guns, rumbled on to the field and opened up all of them on the shining dreadnought armoured knights, killing another one.

(A snapshot in this moment in time is commemorated here, using scaled models, here we see from the emperors view of the current layout, the imperial forces coming from the bottom right, the chaotic forces from the top left
http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w...urn/Battle.jpg )

By now the armada was fully mobilised a great Land raider crusader rumbled on to the field, to the left flank of the grey knights on the hill, coming to support the terminators, As did another large unit of grey knights. Frederick Ljundhammer and his retinue came up beside the bodies of the fallen storm troopers, and in the fine tradition of professional Imperial soldiers where they had fallen another unit of storm troopers had taken their place.
He saw the hounds eating his brave warriors and brought forth the scourging (his imperially sanctioned power), Khorne had put much weight in the collars his minions wore but when the scourging reached his hounds, the collars fell off limp and useless leaving his pets to fry.(he smelt sorcery)
Squad Mutt stood slavering before the grey knights on the hill, and with calm composure and an exhale the knights pulled triggers as one, the hounds were sent violently back to their master. The imperial left flank felt threatened by the presence of chainaxes, the land raider, grey knights and remaining terminators concentrated their fire leaving a vast stain of red where Squad Catharsis had stood a moment before.

A unit of grey knights began deep striking, but again the warp affected the imperial technical ability, Raging fury already moving as a blur looked to their left, a ghostly image of incinerators already primed to fire, against the prone turbo boosted bikes appeared. Then was dragged, through some powerfull magic, right into the bowels of the chaotic infection, far away from the bikes.
Seeing his opportunity Khorne brought forth his hound squads again, they came crawling and chattering easily making it to the disorientated grey knights, who sat briefly on the edge of oblivion, and then slid in, with help from the hounds.
These blasphemers that came to his temple were not to be underestimated, he dispatched his demon prince, but immediately saw how serving two masters had weakened his great subject, Zardoz tried to engage the grey knights who supported the terminators, but fell again well short of effective range as his mind was so cluttered (he had paused in his run to evaluate the wisdom in running).
Tzeentch sent forth more reinforcements in a rhino, but found that the changes in terrain did not suit the vehicle and due to the vast amounts of rubble and felled trees they had to stop and disembark, taking a few shots at the terminators they successfully felled another. Squad Anger moved slowly towards the chimera and the replacement storm troopers, and beyond them, the prize Ljundhammer!
The bikes went around the ancient pyramid (on a detour rather than heading for the terminators)to reinforce squad Anger (but all was wasted as it left them in the open with no viable targets)

The entire centre and right flank fired with all their might at the berserker bikes. And managed to take them down to only 2 ravening beasts, but could that be enough?
Frederick Ljundhammer moved swiftly through cover of ruined buildings towards the battle. A rhino appeared out of nowhere in an attempt to nobly sacrifice itself stopping the advance of both the Khafre pyramid machine and the Demon prince. The grey knight terminators and the marines who stood with them fired at the demon price and the thousand sons still mired with their rhino. But there efforts were only rewarded with the pinging sound of armour deflecting their explosive rounds.

Zardoz knew he was in trouble, running the risk of losing the favour of both his masters, he charged forwards and engaged the Grey Knight marines, whilst the predator skirted the terrain and managed to take a shot at the chimera, taking out its scatter laser. But Zardoz again showed his genetic confusion and only killed 2 of the large squad. Though neither god blessed him someone surely did for he survived the power lances of the enemy as they bounced off his flesh. Squad Anger moved up towards the chimera that had so hurt the bikes and blew it up using the champions fist, as an afterthought his squad killed the remaining storm troopers who were embedded around it. They made for Ljundhammer but again failed to make the range to contact them.
The bikes realising they had not long left alive, charged, over terrain showing skilled techniques in driving and managed to engage the terminator squad, but their heightened reflexes were nothing to the Grand Master, he cut time in half, saw chaos and its ways and struck them down before their chainaxes could perform their vital task. Squad Akhmim, still stuck beside the rhino, had exhibited the foresight of Tzeentch, the rhino immobilised itself as it tried to move forwards.Their slow and deliberate actions that worked so well, were having difficulty with the complex terrrain and did not move towards the enemy but shot instead with little success.

5. The crusading land raider fired all of its shots at the chaos lieutenant who sat astride the pyramid, the sorcerer smirked as his unique armour turned the hot melta shots into a refreshing shower as it approached him. Lunderhammer took advantage of Squad Anger’s failed consolidation and charged the weakened Khorne unit, though as expected they took heavy losses as well, The woods around squad Akhmim erupted in fire as the lance strike hit the rear of the tank but it had not hit home, and so caused only damage to the paint work and tokens kept at the rear.
The grandmaster joined the grey knights in their fight with the demon prince, and killed it swiftly taking no further casualties.Neither god lamented the loss of Zardoz.
The rhino moved to block the path and sight of squad Akhmim and the hounds who were racing to rejoin the battle. Whilst the chimera with only its heavy bolter intact moved to block the advance of the chaos predator, again limiting its field of vision and chances of doing any meaningful damage.

Tzeentch saw the battle, he sent his elites, the emperor cautioned against risky deep strikes, but the battle was in the balance, and the fates, Tzeentch knew, were in his favour. Squad Abydos landed right on the edge of the imperium’s deployment zone nearly on top of the grey knights who had held the hill all through the battle, the sorcerer stepped out into reality with great gusts of change pouring forth from his riddled lungs killing 2 and a further 1 fell to the combibolters of his automata.
The Khafre pyramid and the Tzeentch lieutenant wrang out death fire at the grey knight marines who escorted the terminators peppering the squad who had survived so long, and the rubric marines moved up with their sorcerer killing the remaining terminator body guard, leaving the whole quadrant theirs, but for the Great Grand Master who stood beckoning.
The freshly reincarnated Squad Pupp loyally ran to join the Small remnants of squad Anger in their fight against Ljundhammer and his retinue, the battle would have been a tie, it would have led to mutually assured destruction, but for the hounds, who swept in tipping the balance, and eating their way through many of the servants who threw themselves in front of the inquisitor until with no human shields left, he met the Khorne fist.

6 The grey knights looked upon this new force that had appeared beside them, they knew the value of the high ground, they could not give it up, they boarded the land raider to regroup. The Crusader turned and fired it full force at the rubric marines, the terminator armour easily reflected nearly all the shots, but nearly is far from perfect and in the torrent of fire the sorcerer, (and tin opener, professionally called the chainfist) went down.
The Grand Master approached squad Mutt who had nearly rejoined the battle, and with a hint of resignation he brought his powerful frame down in one powerfull strike, killing them all.

The Rubric marines heard voice from somewhere distant and rather than prolonging the battle seemed to shut down, they didn’t shoot, they didn’t advance they stood still for some unknown further signal.

The Crusader turned all its guns to bear on the rubric terminators, the chimera rounded on the Tzeentch marines, But the sorcerer, from atop the pyramid, sent out a low droning moan that got louder and louder and at its climax he punched the earth, with that the thousand sons vanished, whatever they had set out to do, they had done.

The Grand Master stood there, he knew he had somehow lost, with the departure of the rubrics, the planet was his again, but the atmosphere only smelt of death, and the weeds grew up red, fed by continual visceral blood. The taint had soaked into the core, he wished the planet a swift death. He returned to his transport to begin the cleansing planet killer missiles.

Khorne gripped his throne, he tightened his fists, till they swelled white with effort. Then with a deafening crack he tore his skull throne in two, An outlet of hatred so vast it ate many small worlds around his spirit. And in that wave of hatred was a message to all his minions wherever they were,
“Build me a new throne, use nought but the skulls of sorcerers to adorn it and use their famous dust to cement it!”

Tzeentch had known conflict would come, one way or another between him and his brother, at least this way Khorne had been weakened first, Hatred would be coming for his children, fortunately he had already prepared his armies.
Result, (using simplified maths of whats on the table + exceptions)
Me = 1 Captured Quarter (500), Mobile Predator (165), Rubric termies (271 in disputed zone) Rubric marines at nearly full strength in a captured quarter (284 with immobilised transport 58/2),Tzeentch Lieutenant (full wounds 135) 3 members of squad Anger (Don’t count) Dogs (reincarnated didn’t count)

Loerdofalljoy= Troop3 just above half strength (225pts) in mobile crusader (278), 1 Chimera still mobile (98pts)+ rhino still with polish (58), (killed 1 unit of hounds twice so +105 for extra kills ) Grand master flash - wounded (190pts/2).

525 to chaos= solid victory.
My win was pretty lucky, but bits didn’t go my way either:failing to make distance on 3 assaults (fleets where I rolled 1s)+ a consolidation where the same happened, On the plus side I didn’t expect the lieutenant to be still standing after crusader started to shoot either.My Predator actually took out 3 grey knights+ a scatter lazer (that’s the most he’s done ever)

Final chapter for Khorne vs Tzeentch when we next have time to play a big battle. I was thinking of giving whoever plays Tzeentch a points break up to 20%, real terms that’s 400 points more in a 2000 point battle or Tzeentch demons use some sort of sustained attack, since Khorne will be attacking a big tzeentch base and all wearing collars which nullify nearly all spells.Any views?
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