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KMBs list (1 to start)

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KMBs list (1 to start)

Postby killmaimburn » Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:58 pm

Ye olde LATD 1500s
Was once
Code: Select all

2x6 man traitor squads, (something like las, or autocannon and flamer)- 136
2x Indirect basis =250

2x 20 Leaping mutants
+1 brute leader with fist- 554
Led by Aspiring champions with powerfists speed and MOCU 144

2x 21 standard mutants (firearms for last resort) 240
Led by Aspiring champions with power fists, and MOCU 124

102 models, 2 tanks.
Leaves me around 40 shy of 1500.
A few points to play with for how the mood takes me.(normally mutation for the front asp champs, maybe a few more mutants)

I think a theme is important in LatD because its a very easy to abuse the list and having a story to tell your opponent softens the blow, mine is the medieval dead\chaos corrupting a pre warp world, with brettonians (basic mutants and traitors) and dark elfs with capes (leaping mutants). i've changed the Fluff from tzeentch to khorne and back again so many times I got lost.

The aim,1st turn basis and traitors, turn 2 60mutant attacks and 9+ power fists x2. Turn 3 the mutants squads who filled up my deployment zone shuffle forwards and start cleaning up the mess.
List mainly suffers to flamers (when I'm lazy and just shove stuff forwards I can lose 15 miniatures to one template)
And good lists that hide on the edge of their table.

I sometimes remove 1 basic mutant squad and its aspiring champion to put in a statured lord, but he doesn't really sit well with me in this list.But its stops me having so many models that I lose track of, and speeds up the game.
Became no2 (until it was retired)
Code: Select all

Khorne DP stature venom, essense speed, aura, resilience feel no pain frags. 156
(basically I wanted a giant spined beast but didn't have the space, this fella will fall to the first railgun)

CSM asp champs
2x speed fist MOCU
1x Fist MOCU 206

2x Leaping mutants 20+1 fist brute (total unit size 22) 277 each
1x regular mutants 19 with firearms (total unit size 20) 114
2x5 traitors lascannons (yeah I'm cheap) 120
2x indirect basi's 250
9 hunter kindred + shaper (10 snipers with field craft) 101 points.
For those who don't know, they can shoot through more terrain than normal (a shield)and get +1 to cover (a 4+ invulnerable pretty much on a normal table)
It can't be , when I talked about them with my mech eldar associate in crime, he said "if you don't get the AP1 bonus of rangers, waste of points" ( = :lol: )
85 models 2 tanks (whooo less minis to move, less headache)
If anyone worries about me being 1 point over, I drop venom into 2ccws and play at 1498

Basically I ditched one of the clean up crews for more fire support and a big fast leader who leads by example Ruuuuuuuuuun!.(more second turn pressure- unless escalation).

Firearms (for Ranhothep :D )
1 they are cheap\free (pointswise)
2 you don't lose an attack taking them (as its mutation not 2nd CC bonus)
3 they are easier to model than all the appendages, (100 arms holding guns (slightly modded) is easier than 200 scratch built tentacles- if you don't have mutation spru, I tend to just swap out a limb per model for plastic orc bits, seems to work quite well and they really cheap)
4 All the other ranged weapons cost a lot in the long term (e.g.a 1pt pistol is 100 points if you have 100 models). Note the only exception being flamers, they are really handy
5 You don't have to, and should not, use them. but If its turn 6 and you can't make assualt you can always have a go if you feel the risk is justified.
Be aware that some people suggest that taking firearms means your brute (if you take one) also has one meaning he doesn't get +1 for 2ccs, I'm not sure one way or the other just read up a bit before playing it.
heres a tenously related rules thread

Thenfor a little side show\bit of fluff:
Barebones mutants with firearms, led by aspiring champion of tzeentch with a clutter of minor powers, aim for reckoning of tzeentch.(a 4)
with Firearms BS2 (and gets Hot) but now they get to reroll
"the psyker and **any** squad he accompanies"

Lord Humongous Did the maths and said teh following
It's not bad, but I'd also take "bolt of change" and maybe some other candy. When you've got a sorcerer in a mob of mutants, candy (for the sorcerer) is the way to go. (And no, "bloated" is not subject to ancient enemies, because the name is just flavor- it could as easily be armor, or sorcerous protections.)

Actually, even when rapid firing, you' only "get hot" one shot in 9, while hitting with 5 in 9. In that case, stock mutants would kill 1.38 points of marines per shot, while loosing .44 points of mutants per shot. Not bad. ("Bloated" mutants loose .66 worth of mutants per shot, so naked may be the way to go, though the 4+ is VERY nice vs enemy fire.)
Shooting at 24" becomes a very safe option; mutants kill .69 points of marines per shot, and loose only .11 points of mutant per shot. You could shoot all game and still break even. Combined with certain CoD stratagems (the one that lets you re-roll wounds would be great) it could be quite good indeed.""
Also its a small compensation for the people who build a whole tzeentch list only to be told (generally by me) that massmutation and gift of chaos doesn't work on traitors and mutants (specifies marines in spell entry)

The most effective use I made of them was I took out a bunch of rough riders only single fire mode, took one casualty but killed his whole squad.But they did little things for the whole shelf life of the army.
(feel free to comment\strike back\correct. I'll add my other core lists here over a protracted period of time)
(p.s. why did my code tages not work?)
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Re: KMBs list (1 to start)

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:10 pm

killmaimburn wrote:(p.s. why did my code tages not work?)

try taking the spaces out of them. ;)

~ Tim
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Postby killmaimburn » Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:34 pm

Cheers I blame spack :lol: (I copied his example ones, but now I think about it they were visible so my bad :oops: )
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Postby Spack » Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:35 pm

They were spaced so they were visible in the post - if I didn't space them, they'd have disappeared. Damn, where's a WTF smiley when you need one! ;)
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