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Khorny 1500-1850 current

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Khorny 1500-1850 current

Postby killmaimburn » Sat Dec 29, 2007 1:11 pm

My Current list
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Demon Prince, wings
Demon Prince, wings
4 Termies, 3 combi plas
Troops= 456
8 beserkers, champion, power weapon (for landraider)
8 beserkers, champion, power weapon- Rhino Possessed 2 combi Bolters
8 Raptors 2 flamers IOK
8 Raptors 2 flamers IOK
Heavy= 250
Landraider Possessed bolter Dozer blade (for the non transport beserkers)

To make it up to 1851 I added
6 Man, Melta- Rhino 2 combi bolters= 140
6 Man, 3 Heavy bolters=135
1 Obliterator=XXpts

Tactics? Bah humbug
The DPs (8 wounds of MC for 260) and landraider (who setup right at the front to draw fire)run up 12" (LR pops smoke), turn 2 another 12" and assualt 6"(well the LR spits out a world of pain and zerkers). The landraider its job done just spends the rest of the game pivoting (p64 top right of BGB)and shooting at big stuff (the multiple weapons just mean it has to lose 4 weapons before a weapon destroyed results in an immobilised etc.Dozer blade insures shortest route between A and B is a straight line)
The termies DS off an Icon (if i had the points free I'd put icons in the transports because of the humongous beneifit of summoning from within a vehicle p81) to combi plas medium strength armour or 2+ save enemies.
The raptors and beserkers in rhino follow up using minimal cover (including cover created by existing combats and the advance of the landraider). Raptors take out any CC threats that beserkers wouldn't be able to handle with flamers (e.g. harlies nids, those creatures that cost less and can do equal or more in CC).
The rhino is built to get there, twice the cost of naked, but this way you need 3x4s on the glancing table (or a 5+ of course) to slow him down. Its enough to make someone not risk it and go for the DPs or something they can hit more than 1/3rd of the time. I'm still fiddling with rhinos and I wouldn't swear by this build yet (e.g. I love combi meltas, I love havocs on naked ones if your never going to get in them (and whirlwinds look really funny in a chaos army). But at the moment this is what I want my khorne rhino to be able to do, so it does it
At 1850 I just added some cover fire, since it seemed a bit foolish not to have any. (yesterday melta gun by him self (passing man alone tests), tag teaming with the obliterator took down 2 tanks and kept another biggun from getting to comfy)

As with most chaos 4.0 lists, it will really struggle in escalation and probably have to arrive piecemeal hiding and skulking until turn 4 when enough is there to run forwards piling on the pressure.(or I grab my crotch and deep strike a lot of stuff randomly) Its worked well so far (when the rhinos don't explode from basilisks etc turn 1), but I do feel I miss those personal Icons.

At the moment I'm quite pleased with it, its gone against witchguard and 9 termie smurf and done very well.
I'm tempted to swap out the 198points of zerkers in the landraider for some termies. Something like 5 Termies 1 chainfist (then I could either put on IOT for 4+ save goodness or MOS and some combi weapons\lightning claws, for some joyous I5 power weapons) anyone have any views.

C+C welcome, (I can swap out for nearly any model you can name)
If i take the landraider with termies, as dedicated would I put it down later, would that be a massive beneifit or a hindrance in your minds.
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