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S.O.T.D Round 2

Permanent Linkby Stryder on Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:56 pm

SM- "Good evening sports fans and welcome to Slam of the Day. I am, as ever, your host, Snot Motson, and, as always, I'm joined by my colleague Alan Grotson"

AG- "Good evening Snot. Well Dreadball fans we have a fantastic line up of games tonight, including what had to be the closest game in the, albeit early stages, league so far"

SM- "Thats right Alan, while their wasn't the same amount of drama, there was plenty of action. And we begin with Scrapyard Dodgers against the Bad Moons"

AG- "The Dodgers were eager to bounce back from a landslide loss at the hands of the Iron Dreads previously, and they rushed hard and fast taking the advantage of concentration the Bad Moons pushing them deep into their own half and even seriously injuring two of the sleepy Jacks out of the game"

SM- "As sports broadcasters we cannot take sides in this sport, but those dirty rotten PILES OF JUNK SHOULD BE PUNISHED"

AG- "Snot! calm down"

SM- "Ahem...anyway the Bad Moon Guards pressed back levelling the game"

AG- "The remaining Bad Moons Jacks snuck in and put the Strikes on the board that let the Bad Moons win 2-0"


The screen goes to technical difficulty for a couple of minutes before coming back. The camera slightly askew, Snot Motson now sporting a black eye and Alan Grotson missing a tooth

SM- "Sorry for the interruption folks, now our next game between the Klendathu Bay Yellow Jackets and the Broadbeards"

AG- "This was the first game for the Yellow Jackets and they were out to prove a point leaving the dwarves, slower to react than they normally do"

SM- "The beards clearly suffering the effects of the ale from the night before, but they seemed to go for a full offensive team leaving the strikers on the bench and hitting hard and...well as fast as dwarves can hit really"

AG- "They did but that Big bug refused to go down, and actually threw a couple down before succumbing to a mass dwarf hokey kokey"

SM- "The game seemed to drag at times with the dwarves determined to leave the bugs hurting, before mopping up with the point to win"

AG- "However the Yellow Jackets took advantage of the dwarves, and actually the ref's, tunnel vision and snuck an extra player on"

SM- "That female dwarf in the crowd must really caught the ref bots eye unit because he was just drawn to her"

AG- "it seemed that distraction didn't help the Broadbeards because the Yellow Jackets scored in the dying seconds to secure a vital 3-0 win and get their campaign off to a flying start"

SM- "Maybe they'll leave her at home next time....And now for our final game the Dovah Kings against the Sutain Stingers"

AG- "Both teams were looking to for a win to consolidate or to get the momentum needed to keep the league hopes alive"

SM- "The Kings, wearing black goggles in memory of their lost compatriots at the hands of the Buccaneers, showed why they are one of the slickest teams in the league scoring a 3 point strike in the opening play of the game leaving the Stingers confused at how they allowed such a play to carry on"

AG- "The Stingers tried to swing back with the next ball launch but lost it to a slick steal from the Kings"

SM- "But then out of nowhere, just as the Kings lined up another 3 point strike, the ball exploded, causing a relaunch"

AG- "This left the Kings strikers looking at each other in amazement and caught up in the claws of a Stinger Jack"

SM- "The Stingers then took advantage of the confusion and levelled the game and then proceeded to to dominate including a 4 point strike mid-way through to force the Kings to go on the offence"

AG- "However the Stingers met them move for move, countering every play the Kings could muster"

SM- "Time was running short and the Kings in a final desperate act literally launched a striker onto the pitch who got the ball from the launch slipped past the Stinger defence and slam the ball home with authority forcing the game into overtime"

AG- "Then, in all my years of Dreadball commentating, something I have never seen, With only 2, yes folks 2, Jacks on the pitch the Dovah Kings showed why they are ones to watch when they played, what could only be described as a 'rugby' play"

SM- "Rugby?"

AG- "Human game not as deadly as Dreadball, really can't see the point if I'm honest Snot"

SM- "Ah I see"

AG- "Anyway, what ever it was, it worked to perfection and with the first shot of Overtime the Kings win 2-0"

SM- "The fans cheered both teams as they left the field, especially the home fans, what a great game it was"

AG- "Indeed it was Snot"

SM- "Well folks, that's all we have time for and with one game left in round 2, the Iron Dreads against the Cleveland Bay Buccaneers, the league is shaping up but don't forget their are 3 trophies this year and we'll have more on that in the next edition of Slam of the Day. Good night everyone"

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